Sierra Golf Club House

Booking Process

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    Booking form

    Complete and send us your booking form below.

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    We Make Provisional Reservation For You

    We will liaise with your chosen golf resort and make a provisional reservation which will be valid for three days. In this time, you will receive confirmation directly from the golf resort, confirming your discounted price.

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    Payment Request

    The resort will provide payment method details (bank transfer) for you to pay the balance directly to them. All correspondence will be copied to us. After payment is confirmed you are bound to the Golf Club Terms and Conditions.

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    Booking Confirmed

    Once payment is received, you will get written confirmation from the golf resort and can then safely purchase your flight (we can assist with this also).

Now fill in the booking form below

Booking form

Intended flight details*

*We recommend to book your flights once you receive a confirmation of your holiday from the Golf Club or us.

Outbound flight details

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