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You may wish to consider how you would like to spend your time away from the golf course, and as always we are happy to advise. Depending on your preferences, there is a whole host of activities waiting to be explored including spa treats, foodie finds, shopping, bars & clubs, museums, concerts and many more… Follow the below links for ideas on how to spend your free time, or even add a few days on to your trip just for this reason.

Attractions in North-Eastern Poland

Gdańsk – Sopot – Gdynia – Three cities, one destination

An explosive mix of tradition and innovation has shaped the contemporary image of the whole area. One thing is for sure – everyone will find something to enjoy here and one short city-break is definitely not going to be long enough to experience the full range of attractions.

Gdańsk is the city of freedom. As the cradle of the Solidarity movement, it was the focal point of events which changed the course of European history in the late 20th century. You can feel the freedom flowing between the city’s old townhouses, on its beautiful sandy beaches, and among its enormous shipyard cranes.

It is near the shipyard cranes that the European Solidarity Centre has been developed, designed to be a symbol of the victory of the Solidarity movement and the way that victory was achieved peacefully, thanks to the power of the people uniting in harmony.

Today, Gdańsk is a modern metropolis and an attractive tourist destination, which plays host to many fes­tivals and international sporting events and is also renowned as the World Capital of Amber. In fact, it has been recommended by a British publication – Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Travel – as one of the world’s top ten cities for tourists to visit. It has also been recommended by The New York Times as one of the forty most tourist-friendly cities in the world, while the Lonely Planet website named it the number one place to visit in Poland.

If you are looking for wild and crazy nightlife, Sopot is the perfect destination for you. Czekolada, Soho, Atelier, Versalka are familiar names to the regular clubbers of Sopot. The town’s atmosphere is a combination of fin-de-siècle architecture and cutting-edge entertainment. Sopot is a fashionable resort, vibrant with life throughout the whole year.

Gdynia is the youngest member of Tricity. While it lacks the 1,000-year history of its better known neighbour, Gdynia represents a variety of 20th century styles with its development encompassing the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 30s, the Socialist era of post-war Europe, and the post-modern designs of post-communist Poland. Gdynia is a dynamic, developing city, focused on business and sport as well as tourism. The city is well-known for its design and creative industries, as well as numerous themed events, such as Gdynia Design Days. You simply must see it!

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Recommended Golf Course:

Sierra Golf Club

Visit the beautiful places in cities Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot




The Old Town in Elbląg is a popular meeting place for Elbląg residents and is also the focus of many cultural events. There are many prominent Elbląg monuments which you can visit. Located in the Old Town, St. Nicolas Cathedral is the most outstanding sacred building in the city. Inside you can discover sacred historic relics. Be­side the Cathedral lies the historic Church Path, which is an enchanting passageway between tenement houses. At Stary Rynek you will find the Market Gate, which is one of the most distinctive and recognizable monuments in the town. Next to the Gate stands the monument of the legendary celebrated baker, who saved the city from the invasion of the Teutonic Knights in the 16th century.

Bażantarnia Forest, full of wooded hills, beautiful valleys, and mysterious ravines, is a favourite recreational place for the residents of Elbląg.

You will not want to miss a pleasure cruise on the inimitable Elbląg Canal. Thanks to the unique slipways and other equipment used to transport the boats on land, travellers can overcome the hundred-metre difference in water levels between Elbląg and Ostróda.


Olsztyn is the largest city and the capital of the Warmia and Mazury region. More than 170,000 people live in this city which has over 650 years of history. The most famous monuments in Olsztyn are the gothic castle, the Cathedral of Saint Jacob, and the Upper Gate, which is located on the border of the old city walls.

The greatest advantage of the city is its unique location among forest and lakes. There are twelve lakes – some people even claim fifteen! – and the City Forest, which is one of the biggest European parks – all lying within the borders of Olsztyn. To accent these advantages, Olsztyn has been carefully developed to fit the concept of a city garden. The defensive architecture of 14th century Warmia, combined with architecture from the 19th and 20th century secession, along with interesting performances, concerts and exhibitions, offers the discerning tourist the opportunity to find in Olsztyn the possibility of tranquillity and an escape from the noise and bustle of their usual daily routine. Strolling through the streets of the Old City they might admire the city walls and the massive construction of the castle. Face to face with the original astronomical plaque, which is totally unique due to being hand-made by Nicolaus Copernicus himself, they can hear the echo of history and later discover the most up to date astronomical equipment at Olsztyn’s planetarium.

Nicolaus Copernicus is the most famous person in the history of Olsztyn. While he was resident in Olsztyn, he managed goods and defended the city from Teutonic forces. Here he carried out his great research and wrote magnificent works. Today four of Olsztyn’s colleges maintain this tradition of excellence in Science; over 30,000 people study at the largest of them, the University of Warmia and Mazury.

Olsztyn is well worth a visit. It is – genuinely – a natural garden city!

More information can be found on:

Olsztyn     www.visit.olsztyn.eu/en
Elblag    www.turystyka.elblag.eu/en

Recommended Golf Courses:
Sand Valley Golf & Country Club
Mazury Golf & Country Club

See the beautiful places in Mazury – Lake District

Mazury – Land of Thousand Lakes

Castle in OIsztyn, arch. UM Olsztyn

Attraction in Warsaw, Central Poland


Recommended Golf Courses:
Sobienie Krolewskie Golf and Country Club
Lisia Polana Golf Club

Both Clubs are located close to Warsaw.

Attraction in Szczecin, North West Part of Poland


Recommended Golf Course:
Binowo Park Golf Club

Located close to Szczecin City Centre.

Attraction in Wroclaw, South West Part of Poland


Recommended Golf Course:
Toya Golf Club

Located close to Wroclaw City Centre.

What the media say

Great Golf Magazine: ‘ Of course, the greatest pleasure of playing golf in Poland isn’t the warm feeling you get as you realize you will be the first to play these relatively unknown tracks, or the satisfaction of choosing courses that are of a surprisingly high standard. It isn’t even the bliss of playing golf at your own pace without the frustration of making endless practise swings as you wait for the group in front to finish off. Golf in Poland isn’t like that. What it is, is terrifically affordable.’

Mark Alexander

Irish Golf Review: ‘From my recent experience Poland can compete with other Countries as a leading golfing destination’.

Declan Brennan

Destination Golf: ‘If you’re looking to experience a new golf destination that’s rapidly gaining in reputation, look no further Poland – in my mind, it takes Pole Position.’

Dermot Synnott

Irish Sun: ‘Poland has such a lot to offer – great cities, a proud history, good golf courses, sea and sand, a great climate in winter and summer and shopping. And the best for last? Superb food and drink at prices that are so much cheaper than at home – for everything.’

Ann Mooney

Sunday World: ‘There may not be the slew of courses that you might get here in Ireland, or in the oft-trodden fairways of the UK, Spain or Portugal, but when you come across a golf course in Poland, it is invariably of very high quality indeed.’

Karl Doyle

Sunday Independent: ‘It was a great way to end a hectic five days, and a very pleasant introduction to what’s sure to be an up and coming golf destination for the discerning Irish golfer. ‘

Jamesie O’Connor

 Destination Golf: ‘It was a good mix of golf, history and culture.’

Kevin Markham

Irish Golf World: ‘There is no doubt about it but Poland has more than a few gems of golf courses for every standard of golfer from the dedicated low handicap to the plus 18’s. The accommodation is first class and the Polish people are most hospitable.’

Declan Brennan


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