Why play golf in Poland?

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Why play golf in Poland?

The UK prides itself on being the most well connected European country to Poland. There are more than 140 flights departing daily from the UK to the main cities such as Warsaw, Krakow or Gdansk. You’ll be surprised how a short flight of around 2 hours can transport you to such varied and unexpected surroundings. You may or may not know, Poland encompasses both ends of the spectrum in terms of modern and historic cities, as well as outstanding nature reserves and national parks, both lake and mountain districts, not to mention the beautiful Baltic coast.

A relatively recent development compared to other leisure activities in Poland, golf courses have been modelled on exclusive examples from around the world. They therefore present the same high quality golfing opportunities that you would expect in more prominent golfing destinations, but with a much more reasonable price tag.

Sand Valey Gold & Country Club

All the golf courses that we recommend include unlimited play for midweek visitors.
Interested? Information on our affiliated courses can be found on our website. Your golfing holiday to Poland starts here… We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your requirements.

What the media say

Great Golf Magazine: ‘ Of course, the greatest pleasure of playing golf in Poland isn’t the warm feeling you get as you realize you will be the first to play these relatively unknown tracks, or the satisfaction of choosing courses that are of a surprisingly high standard. It isn’t even the bliss of playing golf at your own pace without the frustration of making endless practise swings as you wait for the group in front to finish off. Golf in Poland isn’t like that. What it is, is terrifically affordable.’

Mark Alexander

Irish Golf Review: ‘From my recent experience Poland can compete with other Countries as a leading golfing destination’.

Declan Brennan

Destination Golf: ‘If you’re looking to experience a new golf destination that’s rapidly gaining in reputation, look no further Poland – in my mind, it takes Pole Position.’

Dermot Synnott

Irish Sun: ‘Poland has such a lot to offer – great cities, a proud history, good golf courses, sea and sand, a great climate in winter and summer and shopping. And the best for last? Superb food and drink at prices that are so much cheaper than at home – for everything.’

Ann Mooney

Sunday World: ‘There may not be the slew of courses that you might get here in Ireland, or in the oft-trodden fairways of the UK, Spain or Portugal, but when you come across a golf course in Poland, it is invariably of very high quality indeed.’

Karl Doyle

Sunday Independent: ‘It was a great way to end a hectic five days, and a very pleasant introduction to what’s sure to be an up and coming golf destination for the discerning Irish golfer. ‘

Jamesie O’Connor

 Destination Golf: ‘It was a good mix of golf, history and culture.’

Kevin Markham

Irish Golf World: ‘There is no doubt about it but Poland has more than a few gems of golf courses for every standard of golfer from the dedicated low handicap to the plus 18’s. The accommodation is first class and the Polish people are most hospitable.’

Declan Brennan


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